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I Transform Struggling Solo Business Owners Into Thriving Solopreneurs!

I’m here to help you build a business you LOVE.

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You are capable of so much more, you’re smart, and you want to make a difference. You feel like you ‘should’ be killing it in your business BUT you’re playing small, and you’re stuck!

You working really really hard and getting nowhere.

You know you should have some kind of a plan but you’re too busy to write one and you’re unsure where to start.


You started your business because you love what you do but need to help making money to pay the bills!









Road Maps




Who is Lisa Penson?

 Lisa Penson is from North Yorkshire in England and now lives in the Blue Mountains just outside Sydney Australia. She works with small business owners across the world helping them build a profitable business they LOVE!

Through a range of programs for start-ups through to established businesses looking to take their business to the next level.

Lisa is like a tour guide, she can show you the shortcuts, where to hang out, support you when you have lost your way and things are tough, and make you accountable when you need a bit of a push in the right direction. Lisa can save you time and money on your solopreneur journey with her toolbox full of strategies and actionable plan-of-attacks she will get you on the fast-track towards your goals.

Connect with Lisa today so you can start building the business of your dreams.

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