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We got a business coach for our business, with quite a bit of “I don’t need that” attitude from me. We are a quite specialised business (inspection CCTV equipment) and I didn’t in my wildest dreams think that anyone not knowing this industry would be able to guide us in any way. Luckily my business partner insisted, and we haven’t looked back since. Dare I say it. Yes I do. It’s been an absolute game changer for us. We used Lisa and she absolutely put my skepticism to shame in minutes. Best money spent, since starting our business.

Brian Lang

Owner , Advanced CCTV Technology

“You’ve made a massive impact to my business – the working hours and income of 8 out of the 10 employees has increased. The face to face teaching hours of myself have decreased allowing me to spend more time focusing on the ‘business’.  You are a great small business advisor.”
Carolyn Crocker

Inner West Music School

Lisa and I have worked together for almost 2 years now and she’s really helped me get a tonne of things done that I was procrastinating over. She’s given me great ideas as to how to expand my business, strategically and operationally, and she’s an infinite well of information on pretty much anything. If she doesn’t know something, she always knows where to look to find the answer. The effort she has put into helping me has been over and above…thanks Lisa.

Karen Taylor

Taylor Made Nutrition

“Lisa just gets it. She knew exactly what to ask and identified our problems before we did. Lisa got us back on track in a relatively short period of time and I can’t even put into words how fantastic she is.”

Gerber Properties

I spent the first 2 years of my business trying to make it successful with no absolutely no idea of how to market, strategize or manage social media. I didn’t know how to move forward or overcome the hurdles I was facing and I was frustrated and overwhelmed. Since meeting Lisa my business has done a 180 degree turn around. The biggest change has been the financial growth of my business from unprofitable to profitable! 

Through her mentoring program and guidance, I receive her expert advice in business management, knowledge, ideas, skills, encouragement and inspiration, and along with her direct approach, honesty and friendly disposition, I have managed to successfully turn my business from a start-up floundering around with no direction to a business that now moves in a constantly upward direction. I have-and will continue to- recommend Lisa to friends who have also found her expertise invaluable.

Thank you Lisa for showing me the way and for always pushing me to do more and be better. 

Ondine Savage

Founder & Director, Hatha Yoga Sydney

Yesterday I was a first time market stall holder at Gordon Markets.  You challenged me at our face to face a few weeks ago to arrange a market stall by myself.  I booked the stall and on Thursday arranged with my daughter to help me set up, with mother-in-law to stay with me during the day and friend to help me pack up. It all happened by your challenge, so thanks.

“As a globetrotter and entrepreneurial spirit I had many ideas about which path to follow. It was through working with Lisa that I was able to focus on my key strengths and prioritise the projects that were most important to me. Lisa’s guidance and expert knowledge has helped me to mould my professional image as a sexual health consultant. I highly recommend Lisa.” 

Amy Ehsman

Counsellor and Sex Therapist, Vibrant Butterfly

Hi Lisa, I wanted to say thanks you so much for your time. It was a great meeting. I got a lot out of it, especially around using your frameworks for expanding business. I was pretty much caught up in all my thoughts and within that one session I felt I achieved clarity. Thanks John
John Kofiatis

CEO, Mortgage Choice

Lisa brings a focus to your business aspirations that ensures what you do is effective, efficient and empowering. She is sensitive whilst being no-nonsense, her determination is contagious and she inspires you in a manner that energises the opportunity for your success. Lisa has a genuine interest in listening and coaching you to achieve what it is you want to achieve. To be more of what you can be.
John Pastoreiil

Owner, Ochrelearning

Thank you again for our session yesterday afternoon – it has helped me clarify a few things with where I’m at with my business, and also that I can give myself a bit of a break without having ‘achieved’ so many things straightaway. The resources you’ve sent me are very useful and I will focus and think more about my business goals and what is achievable and sustainable at different stages.
Mae Hurely

The Language Base

I am an interior designer successfully launching my own business.

Lisa helped me keep my business on the right path in only 2 sessions. She assisted in keeping me focussed on the end result of establishing my business as opposed to getting tunnel vision and getting stuck in the details. Lisa asked questions that allowed me to question myself and allow to come from within
The decision on action points and clear goals for the weeks and months to come helped me to lift my business from 0 to a level I would have never expected.
Two of my biggest goals were
1 – To get work for my first client in by 10 months from our first meeting and I actually had my very first one within a month.
2 – To expand outside NSW in by 1-2 years and gain a second client interstate within two months.

I could not be thankful enough for the help Lisa has given me and look forward to growing my business bigger with her help

Romain Dossou-Yovo


It was so lovely to meet you and such professionalism is rare. I was thoroughly impressed with you and will definitely be seeking your advice again soon – many thanks



Today it was an honour to meet you face to face for the meeting.  Your honesty and implicitness on micro business matters are something that needs to be renowned. Thank you for all your assistance and follow up emails, much appreciated. Take Care

Vin C


Lisa’s ongoing work with my business has been invaluable in particular in the early days of setting goals and processes. Her support, guidance and knowledge have been a great resource and her passion for my business is exceptional.
I would highly recommend Lisa to any small business owner with a new or established business.

Emma D


You are a Business Angel Lisa, Thank you.  I have had a meeting and shared our discussion points. So there is progress thank you very much. And yes I will focus small and celebrate the wins. Gratefully and appreciating the points to recap.  Also loved today’s action sheet with Goals in the present 🙂 thank you.



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